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Lined vs Unlined Shorts

Welcome to our guide tailored to help you discern the essential differences between lined and unlined shorts. Whether you're gearing up for an intense workout, embarking on outdoor adventures, or simply seeking everyday comfort, we aim to ensure you find the ideal pair suited to every activity and setting, while maintaining a universal and welcoming tone for all.

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There is much debate about lined and unlined performance shorts and which is more comfortable. Forcis offers both, and both provide comfort and performance based on your preference. Our built-in liners are comfortable and convenient, made with soft and breathable fabrics. Our unlined shorts allow you the freedom to wear whatever you want underneath.


Our lined shorts have a built-in liner similar to brief underwear, providing great support and breathability, which is crucial during physical activity. Unlined shorts give you the option of wearing whatever you find comfortable and support you the best.


All Forcis lined shorts are made using lightweight and breathable fabric, yet still provide the support you need. With our unlined shorts, you choose. You can wear something heavier and more supportive, or nothing at all. Giving you the freedom you may be looking for.


Lined performance short provide you with built-in superior moisture wicking, which is essential during intense workouts. Unlined performance shorts let you decide what level of moisture wicking you need.

Moisture Wicking

Lined shorts can help prevent chafing by providing a smooth, snug layer that moves with the body, reducing friction. In contrast, with unlined shorts, the choice of undergarments becomes crucial to prevent chafing.


Unlined shorts are generally more versatile since they can be worn for all types of workouts, for swimwear, or just casual daily wear. With lined shorts you are immediately prepared for any high intensity workout or long-distance run. Also, if you’re traveling or doing laundry you have just one garment to worry about. Forcis offers both, so the choice is yours.


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